[mrtg] Re: Web Server

K Mitchell mitch at keyconn.net
Mon Aug 23 16:55:39 MEST 1999

At 09:38 AM 8/23/99 -0400, Alejandro Acosta A. wrote:
>It sounds good. Can you give me the code?. or tell me where to find it?.
>May be we can hack it a little bit and improve it :-)

Here's a copy of the mrtg.cfg entry:


Target[webserver]: 2:community string at webserver IP
MaxBytes[webserver]: 1250000
Title[webserver]: Keystone Connect Webserver (all sites)
Options[webserver]: bits
Xsize[webserver]: 600
Ysize[webserver]: 200
PageTop[webserver]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for Webserver
   <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Compaq Proliant 850R </TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD><TD>Kirk Mitchell</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Interface:</TD><TD>Webserver (1)</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>IP:</TD><TD>www.keyconn.net (</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Max Speed:</TD>
       <TD>10.0 mbits/s (ethernetCsmacd)</TD></TR>


Just replace the community string and webserver IP as appropriate. If you
haven't changed it, the community string is probably "public". The xsize
and ysize give you bigger graphs than the default.

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Altoona, PA   814-941-5000      http://www.keyconn.net

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