[mrtg] indexmaker

Engels PHAT PEN at oce.nl
Tue Aug 24 15:48:00 MEST 1999

I'm confused about the use of the indexmaker program.

I want to create a HTML file based on a single cfg file with 25 pvc's

I've used the following syntax

perl indexmaker -t 'title of the html page' -r '?????????' -o

I do understand the -t and the -o option
but what the hell with the -r option

what is the meaning of the regular expression
where is the indexmaker program looking for with the -r option? I don't

cfg file name equant.cfg

entries in the cfg file		134.188.x.y.

Piet Engels
Océ Technologies B.V.
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5900 MA Venlo
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Fax   +31 77 3595484
email pen at oce.nl

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