[mrtg] Re: NT stats gathering problem

K Mitchell mitch at keyconn.net
Wed Aug 25 06:00:51 MEST 1999

At 11:22 PM 8/24/99 -0400, C.P.T. wrote:
>I'm not sure how long you're letting it run.  However:

Each time I let it go for over 10 minutes, which normally gets me 2 graph
renewals. It's not creating any new html or graphics files whatsoever, and
on the one example didn't renew anything.

>1.  If the CPU is not being used (thus 0 or 1 percent usage) then you
>probably won't see much.
>2.  Give it a few cycles then check the graphs, also check the log file and
>look at the numbers.
> = cpuPercentProcessorTime
> = cpuPercentUserTime
> = cpuPercentPriviligedTime
>You want the first one.

In addition to the ones listed earlier, I tried
Target[Web-CPU]: at hostIP
Target[Web-CPU]: at hostIP
  Both to no avail

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