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gaetan.claeys at MOBILE.BELGACOM.BE gaetan.claeys at MOBILE.BELGACOM.BE
Wed Aug 25 17:42:38 MEST 1999

Hi Kevin,

When you run cfgmaker from your mrtg server, the created target are
something like:

target[]: 23:public at is the ip address of your Catalyst
23 is the IFindex value of your Catalyst port. I don't remember the command
to use to see this value from the Catalyst CLI, but if you have Traffic
Director, thoses values are indicated when you select a switch port to

I think it must be possible to ask to mrtg to look at the port name but I
still have't found how to do it.

Please, forward me any interesting information.


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Does anyone know how to find the port numbers for a 5500? I've used SNMPWALK
a Linux platform but, unlike the routers and Access Servers, the results
so useful.

I want to monitor the temperature as well as port statistics: ie, port
state/activity/Spanning Tree state.

If anyone knows of the OIDs for this, I'd be pleased to hear.



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