[mrtg] Re: how to get port information?

Rick Horowitz rickh at ValleyYellowPages.com
Wed Aug 25 19:57:17 MEST 1999

Andre Boucher stated:
>> I agree with most of what Ken said, except that I would be careful before
>> using "public" as a community string.  The community string can be
>> considered as a password, and many systems uses public as the default.
>> must understand that this community string is here to protect the snmp
>> informations you have and you probably do not want to have everybody
>> retreiving information on your system.
>> So, pick a community string which is secret to you or your organisation.

To which Alex van den Bogaerdt replied:
>I disagree with this. If safety is an issue you should not rely on secrets
>that can be sniffed from the network or otherwise found.
>Just configure the device you're monitoring with an access list (most can)
>so that only known clients can query or set OIDs.

This sounds a little bit like:

I disagree with this.  If safety is an issue, you should not rely on door
locks which can easily be broken down by a determined house robber.

Just have your nosey neighbor watch the front door and tell everyone to go

It's really really easy to put a lock on: just set some other name than
"public" for your key.  And if that's not a really strong lock?  Well,
neither is a lock on a screen door, but not that many people come through
mine at night when I'm sleeping.  (In fact, fortunately, none so far.)

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