[mrtg] polling 'timeticks' variables

Jeff Murphy jcmurphy at smurfland.cit.buffalo.edu
Wed Aug 25 20:44:09 MEST 1999

i'm using mrtg 2.5.3 to poll a timeticks mib variable on a UPS. oddly, mrtg 
seems to convert it from timeticks to integer hours and stores/graphs that
value. am i misconfiguring something?

the top of rtob.log reads:

935603101 4 4
935603101 4 4 4 4
935602802 5 5 5 5
935602800 4 4 5 5

but an snmpget of the variable returns:

snmpget rnups4 COMMUNITY .
enterprises.318. = Timeticks: (1704000) 4:44:00.00

so it seems that mrtg is storing the "4" (hour value) instead of giving
me the 1704000 raw value to work with (i'd like to divide and have mrtg
plot minutes instead of hours).

any suggestions are welcome. i checked the mailing list archives and FAQ,
but didnt see anything relevant.



mrtg.conf file:

WorkDir: /u/operator/netman/www/ups
Interval: 5
Refresh: 300
WriteExpires: Yes
IconDir: /mrtgicons/

Background[^]: #FFFFFF

Directory[rtob]: rnups6
Options[rtob]: growright, gauge, nopercent
WithPeak[rtob]: dwmy
ShortLegend[rtob]: RTOB
Target[rtob]: . at rnups4.resnet.buffalo.edu 
MaxBytes[rtob]: 18660000
LegendI[rtob]:  RTOB 
Legend1[rtob]: RTOB
Legend3[rtob]: Maximal 5 Minute RTOB
YLegend[rtob]: RTOB
Title[rtob]: RTOB - RNUPS6
PageTop[rtob]: <font color="blue">University at Buffalo - Computing and Information Technology</font>
 <H1>Run Time On Battery - RNUPS6 </H1>

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