[mrtg] Re: how to get port information?

Rick Horowitz rickh at ValleyYellowPages.com
Thu Aug 26 01:49:39 MEST 1999

No flame war wanted, but....

Alex wrote:
>Wow, I'm very impressed.

Implicit insults will certainly discourage a flame war, won't they?  ;)

At any rate, ONE or BOTH of us is reading either too much, and/or not
enough, into what has been written.

I don't disagree with a single thing you said in your last post (the one
ending with the implicit insult); it's completely in line with what I said.

There was exactly ONE point which I addressed; I did not deliver an entire
treatise on SNMP security measures.  Nor did I subtract from recommendations
for additional security measures regarding access lists.

>From what I read, Andre Boucher suggested that one should not leave the
community string at "public".  Alex appeared to be stating that he disagreed
with this.  (Quote: "I disagree with this.")  I read his note as stating not
to bother changing the community string, because it could be sniffed out
anyway.  And, of course, it can.  Therefore, access lists, and other
measures, should be used *in addition to* the minimal security measure of
changing the key.  This does not mean that one should thereafter leave the
community string on the default setting anymore than one should leave the
default "administrator" user on an NT machine; change the name of that
account and you add a little more security to your system(s).

Apparently I was not the only impressive individual to read the post that
way, since Alex states that "Andre Boucher replied to me that it may be a
good idea to change the 'public' string anyway."

The fact that I didn't say anything about the comments made regarding access
lists in that previous post may be (should be) taken as indicative that I
did not disagree with them.  (Doesn't anyone read Grice anymore? ;))

I'm sorry my signature line was/is so offensive to you.  It helps get things
done around here when some non-technical bozo is trying to sway other
non-technical people that they know better than MIS how to handle
computer/network policies, etc.

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