[mrtg] Re: Cron <root at server> /usr/bin/mrtg /home/httpd/html/mrtg/mrtg.cfg

Rick Horowitz rickh at ValleyYellowPages.com
Thu Aug 26 02:03:35 MEST 1999

I used to see this all the time on a BSD/OS box that didn't have enough
memory.  MRTG would take too long to complete it's task, and so I'd
eventually find numerous instances of it running (seen by running "ps auxw",
or "ps -eaf" on non-BSDish systems; the first command requires no dash on
BSD/OS systems).

The age was nearly always reported incorrectly.

My solution was to add more memory to the box----actually, I swapped it out
for a more powerful machine altogether.

Until I did that, I just had to periodically type

	rm /home/httpd/html/mrtg/mrtg.cfg_l*

and/or kill the mrtg jobs that were still running.

Not a good solution; it's all I've got.

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