[mrtg] Re: Weird Cisco issue

Tim Kennedy sugarat at thunderhold.sugarat.net
Thu Aug 26 02:24:31 MEST 1999


First off, I am assuming that the individual graphs are
correct.  Or are they having problems?  If those are really high speed
interfaces, maybe the counters are rolling on some of them, and mrtg
is adjusting for that when you graph the individual line, but I don't
know if, when you are adding interfaces together, MRTG is smart enough to
make the distinction, or if it just throws a zero in there.

If the individual graphs work, then I would guess it's not a IOS bug.
I don't poll ifInOctets and ifOutOctets, though.  I use, instead, cisco's
own locIfInterfaces stats.  ifInBps, and ifOutBps.  Set the bits option.
And away I go.  You also don't have to worry about the counter rolling,
since it's already giving you a bps number.  you could try that.


On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Keith wrote:
> Target[all.transit]: 4:comm at router + 5:comm at router + 4:comm at router2 + 5:comm at router2 + 21:comm at router3 + 22:comm at router3 + 23:comm at router3
> MaxBytes[all.transit]: 50576000
> The produced data and graph are extremely inconsistant (it's not "wavey"
> like it should be) and does not corrilate to the graphs of each individual
> interface. (The above might produce 30mb, when all of the other graphs
> total 100mb, for instance.)
> Am I doing anything wrong, is it an IOS bug (these are 7206VXRes) as I
> have been told, an MRTG bug, or is it just bad luck?

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