[mrtg] Re: NetBlazer Version 3

Peter W. Osel pwo at mc.HL.Siemens.DE
Thu Aug 26 16:18:13 MEST 1999

Hi Warren,

short answer: yes, you use cfgmaker.

Make sure that you have snmp.ldr, oldnb.ldr, and mib.txt on your boot floppy
(oldnb.ldr was introduced with one of the latest versions, maybe 3.3).

I'm running 3.32 and configured snmp as follows:

        snmp community add <YourReadOnlyCommunityHere> ro
        snmp community host <YourReadOnlyCommunityHere> add ip <IP-Address1>
        snmp community host <YourReadOnlyCommunityHere> add ip <IP-Address2>
        snmp enterprise enable ro
        snmp sysContact <YourContactInfo>
        snmp sysLocation <YourLocation>
        snmp sysName <YourSystemName>
        servers start snmp

If you want to monitor modem lines, be aware of the following problem
with release 3.32: There is a bug that prevents modem.ldr from being
loaded in to RAM.  Here are two work-arounds:
(1) Interactive:
        mem load modem.ldr
        server stop snmp
        server stop enterprise
        server start snmp
        server start enterprise
(2) Boot-time.
        add this command to files.cnf:
        "mem load modem.ldr"

You find the script that I use to monitor the analogue and ISDN lines
of my MicaBlazer @ http://www.AgiX.NET/~pwo/projects/ (mrtg-mica-probe).

Hope this helps.

>>>>> On Thu, Aug 26, 1999 at 12:59:30PM +0200, "" == Warren Van Der Merwe <warrenvdm at is.co.za> wrote:
> Hi
> Anyone got MRTG working on a netblazer? do you just run cfgmaker as you
> would for a cisco?
> Thanks
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Warren van der Merwe
> Network Engineer
> The Internet Solution
> http://www.is.co.za

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