[mrtg] NetWare Disk Space

Dave_J_Walsh at keane.com Dave_J_Walsh at keane.com
Fri Aug 27 22:10:19 MEST 1999


I'm tracking NetWare disk space using MRTG and MRTGext thanks to the great work
done by James Drew.  However, for some reason, my Space Used (i.e. y axis) is
indicating 10MB as my maximum when my volume size is 13GB.  Anyone know why?
I've changed just about every parameter I can think of.



Portion of My MRTG.CFG
Title[HALFS1001.8]: Disk Space Usage on VOL1
Target[HALFS1001.8]: `/usr/local/mrtg/bin/nwstat.pl vkuVOL1 zero`
MaxBytes[HALFS1001.8]: 12800000
Options[HALFS1001.8]: gauge
YLegend[HALFS1001.8]: Space in use
ShortLEgend[HALFS1001.8]: bytes
Legend1[HALFS1001.8]: VOL1
Legend3[HALFS1001.8]: VOL1 Peak
LegendI[HALFS1001.8]:  VOL1:
PageTop[HALFS1001.8]: <H1>Disk space stats for HALFS1001\VOL1 </H1>
  <p> These graphs track disk space usage on VOL1

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