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Tue Aug 31 23:36:43 MEST 1999

At 09:12 AM 8/31/99 -0400, you wrote:
>> okay, i'm working on a "ballpark traffic" script,
>> Target[foo]: 2:public at + 100 + 2:public at * 8
>> MaxBytes[foo]: 768000
>> AbsMax[foo]: 768000
>> WithPeak[foo]: wmy
>> Options[foo] growright

>> need rateup to accept numbers much higher (which is what 
>> absmax is for) but I don't want to to show it being over 
>> 100% or for how long,
>> I just want it to hit the top of the graph and stay there.
>MRTG is going to think that anything above your AbsMax is erroneous.


>I would stay away from the option unknaszero on this and it should
>leave everything alone, although it may just graph a straight line
>at the last good reading, giving you a 50% instead of 100%, perhaps
>with some tweaking of the mrtg perl script you could add an option 
>that allows for the graphing of 100% when data is erroneous.

unknaszero ?

and does anyone have this kind of perl hack?

>> when i set absmax for 12000000 I start getting numbers like
>> 500% and such. this script is a really close indicator right
>> now, but the nightly backups blow the whole thing off the scale...
>Well, AbsMax is what allows for %'s above 100%. In your example above
>you don't need the AbsMax line, put a # in front and let MRTG run .00001
>seconds faster.

heh. the absmax line was at 50000000 :/

>Why don't you just measure the traffic on a single port bound for the
>DSL Ethernet interface. Then backbone traffic is of no concern, and you
>will get to see the actual traffic on the DSL circuit, you may need to
>switch the IN/OUT around, but that is simple with the '-' option.

I want to, still trying to talk to the #$%@# cisco 675. if i telnet to it i
get their upstreams router, which means it's in bridged mode i think.
either way i don't know how to talk to it... i'm looking at getting them to
allow me to rewire their network to have the dsl router come straight off
the switch, but that's going to mean a 300 ft pull of cat 5...

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