[mrtg] Re: mrtg runtime

Leonardo Rodrigues coelho at persogo.com.br
Wed Dec 1 02:51:06 MET 1999

We can easily do that using Unix tools.

First, stop crond. We don´t want two mrtg running at the same time.
Remember to start it again when you finish ´benchmarking´ MRTG.

Second, try the command

time /path/to/bin/mrtg /path/to/mrtg.cfg

wait ..... wait ..... wait and then we have what you want !

[root at krusty root]# time /mrtg/mrtg /mrtg/mrtg.cfg
80.93user 3.72system 2:13.72elapsed 63%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k

In my case, I´m running 54 targets, but almost all of them are perl
scripts, which take things slow. You should notice some other things that
affects MRTG´s speed.

1) IO subsystem. If you really need MUCH devices, try a SCSI disk.
2) CPU. As fast as possible.
3) Clean machine. If possible, get a machine JUST for mrtg. Other
background processes can slow things down too. Proxy servers, database, etc
4) Enough RAM. I think 64Mb should be enough. Just for Linux do not get
SWAP and make things even slower .....

Well, that´s it ! 

At 18:27 30/11/99 -0700, Leonard Robert-G2091C wrote:
>I would like to know how long it takes to process my current
mrtg.cfg file.

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