[mrtg] Re: CPU information is not 'right'

Daniel Curry dcurry at dollar.com
Wed Dec 1 21:30:36 MET 1999


What we can't see is that the graph does match above numbers for other
Even better, between 06:00 and 06:30 the blue graph never goes below 50%

Could it be that you are graphing green==usr and blue==idle?
Or perhaps the numbers are not related at all and you are monitoring
something else (such as system load)?

Whatever you are using to collect your numbers, run it without mrtg
and compare it to the output of sar.  If they match, your mrtg config
may be wrong (doubt it).  If they don't match, don't expect mrtg to
a correct graph.

Isn't debugging fun :-)



But I figured it out.  I was using the formating information (column
position) for Linux when collecting data from a Digital Unix system.  

Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Daniel Curry
Dollar-Rent-A-Car Systems, Inc.

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