[mrtg] Re: Re[2]: lib error

IT Andrew Bold it.andrew.bold at oldham.gov.uk
Thu Dec 2 09:55:35 MET 1999

Francisco Javier Alcala Soler wrote:

> Thanks to Don Buchholz, Neil Calvert and Daniel R . Kilbourne for their
> replies.
> Don's wrapper solves the problem. I was already using full paths for the
> cron job. My LD_LIBRARY_PATH is correctly exported in </etc/profile> and
> therefore, MRTG was working correctly from the command line.
> Why didn't it work from the cron job? Any ideas?
> Thanks, Curro.

/etc/profile is called when logging in to the system for users running sh
and (usually) ksh.  Because cron doesn't log in, it won't refer to

If you need to call /etc/profile (or any other setup script) into your
environment when running a command via cron, you can do something similar to
the following:

0 0,4,8,12,16,20 * * * /bin/sh -c  '. /path/to/my/setup/script;

Hope this helps,

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