[mrtg] I'm going crazy!!!

Isaac isaac at netos.com
Thu Dec 2 23:50:56 MET 1999

Fellow MRTG'ers........I'm stuck.

I tell you what I am trying to do.  I want to sample something, anything
to be honest, on a Cisco 2500 running IOS 11.3 - the hard part tho is
that I am trying to use the OID's.  MRTG is working great in gathering
just standard bandwidth useage.

I have tried sampling FECNS/BECNS and SentOctects/Received Octets.

An snmpwalk command from a UNIX shell returns this:

zipcon:~$ snmpwalk boguspassword .
transmission. = 2806623552
transmission. = 3615629
transmission. = 197820196
transmission. = 0
transmission. = 38874761
transmission. = 131035591
transmission. = 9030410
transmission. = 425158367
transmission. = 41621830
transmission. = 14849882
transmission. = 26389230
transmission. = 61424050
transmission. = 5460629
transmission. = 4543064
transmission. = 192343758
transmission. = 6732
transmission. = 45

So then I try putting this into our mrtg.cfg file

(We are running MRTG 2.8.8 on a NT 4.0 Box.)

26: at

It doesn't work at all.  It's weird.  If I put one line into our
MRTG.cfg that is wrong the webpages don't update.

Do you guys think I need more than just this one line?  Any insight
would be most appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

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