[mrtg] X-Windows Problems

Daniel Curry dcurry at dollar.com
Fri Dec 3 16:22:53 MET 1999

I recently upgraded a machine wiht a new hard drive.  the old one
cratered.  When I did, I installed RH6.1 'Professional.'  I am trying
deserately to get the 'remote' x-windows working correctly.  Formerly
(RH6.0), I was able to use X-Win32 on my '98 box and access the
x-windows on the linux box.  very cool thing to do when you only have
one good monitor.  Now that I have upgraded, when I try this, I get this
message: 'XDMCP: Manager unwilling: Host unwilling.'

Starnet (makers of X-Win32) were not able to help.  Claimed it to be a
linux problem.  So, I called RedHat to use my '30-day Installaion help
calls'.  They are claiming it to be 'either a permissions problem or a
problem witht he starnet software.'  when queried the tech did admit
that this could easily be construed as an installation issue, but
claimed it was still an unsupported problem.  

Any ideas, would be greatly appreciated.


Daniel Curry.

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