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Leif Neland leifn at neland.dk
Sun Dec 5 22:09:58 MET 1999

From: Repucci, John (STP) <john.repucci at guidant.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 1999 2:47 PM
Subject: [mrtg] Re: mrtg runtime

> See the following cron job that we run.  It sends timing output to the
> CVS-runtime file.  ( See below for an example of that as well. )
> We have about 8 cron jobs that kick off for the various sets of devices that
> we are monitoring ( organized by world region, generally ).  By examining
> each of the runtime files, we can determine how long each cron job is
> taking.  
> The disadvantage of this method is that every so often you have to "cp
> /dev/null CVS-runtime" to clear the logs as they grow quite large.  I
> generally let them get to about 3 meg each before I get around to clearing
> them.  I do have a batch file to clear them and I suppose I could cron that
> as well, but being lazy ....  :-)
Can't you just feed the data to be plotted by mrtg?


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