[mrtg] Re: commas in an external command

Justin Shore macdaddy at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu
Mon Dec 6 19:04:13 MET 1999

At 5:33 PM +0000 12/6/99, ronan at kerna.ie wrote:
>   title[bogon.kerna.ie:load]: Load on bogon.kerna.ie
>   pagetop[bogon.kerna.ie:load]: Load on bogon.kerna.ie
>   target[bogon.kerna.ie:load]: 
>   maxbytes[bogon.kerna.ie:load]: 1000000
>   options[bogon.kerna.ie:load]: gauge, growright, noinfo


	Try using a combination of single quotes an double quotes 
around your logfile name.  It would look like this minus the wrapping:

>   target[bogon.kerna.ie:load]: 
(maybe with ' ' instead)

That would probably do it for ya.  If not then just make a simple 
shell script than runs getload correctly and call that from MRTG.  In 
all my setups I create the config and the assorted scripts to data 
and format it right and a shell script to run MRTG with that config 
file.  Then I call that shell script in my crontab or by hand.  Saves 
a bunch of time in the end for me.  good luck!


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