[mrtg] something is screwey and i am dangerously new to linux and unix

Rippe, Mark (CCI-Warwick) Mark.Rippe at cox.com
Tue Dec 7 17:44:14 MET 1999

when i run ./mrtg mrtg.cfg i get the following error on all of my devices.

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.//rateup: error in loading shared libraries: libgd.so.0: cannot open shared

object file: No such file or directory

PROBLEM: rateup died from Signal 0
 with Exit Value 127 when doing router 'ubr1.sctte1.ri.home.net.12'
 code was 32512, retcode was . If this happens all the time,
 you should probably investigate the cause. :-)                

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i am not getting any graphs.

when i look at the pages generated they reference .gif files and not .png
files ??????

i am running;

redhat linux 5.1

lives in /usr/zlib

lives in /usr/libpng
compile - make -f scripts/makefile.linux ZLIBLIB=../zlib ZLIBINC=../zlib

lives in gd-1.7.3
compile - make INCLUDEDIRS="-I../zlib -I../libpng" LIBDIRS="-L../zlib

lives in /usr/mrtg-2.8.9
compile - ./configure --wit-gd=../gd-1.7.3 --with-z../zlib

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