[mrtg] Re: Multiprocessor NT Monitoring

Leonardo Rodrigues coelho at persogo.com.br
Wed Dec 8 19:10:29 MET 1999

At 16:43 08/12/99 +0000, mward at notes.bt.com wrote:

>Multiprocessor NT systems give bad results when queried through 
>by MS). Has anyone managed to find any other tools which can be used by 
>mrtg to
>query the counters. I am familiar with running external scripts in the target
>and returning the correct values to the log files but dont know of any NT 
>which will output values.

         I use SNMP on a LOT of multi-processor computers running NT, and 
it seems to give great values. I use: . as 
target on MRTG, and graphs are OK. I tested getting the CPU to 100%, and 
graphs get 100%. Stopped and values get lower. Seems OK for me, altough 
documented to not work by MS.

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