[mrtg] Re: Maxbytes for 1 meg serial?

Nick Bastin nbastin at rbbsystems.com
Fri Dec 10 08:48:04 MET 1999

on 12/10/99 1:19 AM, Merton Campbell Crockett at mcc at TO.GD-ES.COM wrote:
> Signaling speeds are decimal, i.e. 1 Mb is 1000000, 10 Mb is 10000000.  As a
> result, a 10 Mb circuit (ethernet) should not exceed 125000 bytes/second.
> Or, roughly 122.07 KB/second if you assume 1K equals 1024 bytes.

Anywhere where this is noted?  Neither the IETF nor any standards or
standards track RFCs will substantiate this.  I'm not saying it's not true;
it's just the kind of brain dead thing that somebody would do, but I don't
know who the official word would come from on this one.  I could call my
telco people, but they're not exactly on top of things of an engineering

Nick Bastin <nbastin at acm.org>

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