[mrtg] SNMP OID's for Redback equipment

Brantley Jones bjones at centurytel.net
Fri Dec 10 16:28:23 MET 1999

I know that a lot of you (including me) have had trouble getting stats from 
Redback boxes with MRTG.  This is due to the default SNMP support on a 
Redback, which is weak (at least at first look anyway).  I'm including a 
.txt file that tells you how to include this information.  It requires a 
little extra configuration on the Redback, but once you get these commands 
in place, our SMS 500 responds with just as much information as most of our 
other devices...

We're doing an SNMPwalk on interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifType and doing a 
'grep -c ppp'.  This will show us the number of ppoe subs online, which is 
what we're looking for.

If somebody has any other OID's, such as CPU, etc., please let us/me know.


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