[mrtg] Re: Log files and date

Ambrose Chiu achiu at gibraltarsolutions.com
Mon Dec 13 20:42:10 MET 1999

The logfiles are formated with a timestamp as the very left column of
the log. The number in the column represents the number of seconds that
has occurred since January 1st, 1970. You can delete the part of the log
that had a significant jump on the time representing your time move and
run the target again and that should work!!

Good Luck

Ambrose Chiu
Linux System Analyst
Gibraltar Solutions Inc.

> Performed some y2k testing vy moving clock forward, etc.  Then moved
> the
> date back.  Need to understand the date format used in the log files
> so I
> can delete the info collected during that y2k testing.   I think I can
> just
> delete that data from the log files but need to know how it derives
> the
> date.   When I run rateup now I get errors about the time as follows:

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