[mrtg] confusion.

Marc-Adrian Napoli marcadrian at cia.com.au
Tue Dec 14 05:43:53 MET 1999

hi all.

i'm *this* close to an answer but have to resolve to the list because i'm
stumped. :)

we have lots of cisco's here. when i use getif to look at them SNMP wise i
get the usual stuff up until the enterprises tree, then i get a whole lot of
values under that.

now.. how come i need to get the text files of other MIB's if i want to
monitor different things? I mean.. i just downloaded the BGP4 mib for the
cisco 2600 and it has no OID's whatsoever? It just looks like every other
MIB but i can't see any OID's.. how do i know where it is slipping into the
overall MIB?

I'm just confused about this whole MIB thing. I thought a program that
looked at SNMP MIB tables would get everything, why do new MIB's need to be
compiled into the browser?

there is something i'm missing but i just don't know what it is.


Marc-Adrian Napoli
Connect Infobahn Australia
+61 2 92811750

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