[mrtg] Re: confusion.

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Tue Dec 14 13:45:12 MET 1999

Marc-Adrian Napoli wrote:
> now.. how come i need to get the text files of other MIB's if i want to
> monitor different things? I mean.. i just downloaded the BGP4 mib for the
> cisco 2600 and it has no OID's whatsoever? It just looks like every other
> MIB but i can't see any OID's.. how do i know where it is slipping into the
> overall MIB?
That is described at the top.  Don't bother, you seem to have a mib compiler
that does the job for you.

For instance:
                FROM RFC-1212
                FROM CISCO-VTP-MIB
                FROM CISCO-SMI;

This needs (at least) three other files.
Looking in CISCO-VTP-MIB:
    Counter32, IpAddress, Gauge32
            FROM SNMPv2-SMI-v1
            FROM RFC-1212
            FROM RFC-1215
    RowStatus, DisplayString, DateAndTime, TruthValue, TestAndIncr
            FROM SNMPv2-TC-v1
    InterfaceIndex, ifIndex
            FROM IF-MIB
            FROM CISCO-SMI;

> I'm just confused about this whole MIB thing. I thought a program that
> looked at SNMP MIB tables would get everything, why do new MIB's need to be
> compiled into the browser?
Because there's only one MIB and you build it from several files?
I'm not sure if that is exactly the right way of putting it; ask an
snmp newsgroup to be sure.

> there is something i'm missing but i just don't know what it is.

Perhaps you *are* missing something...  another mib file that should be
parsed before that BGP4 file is.

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