[mrtg] Re: 5 minute cron and RRD Tool <- continued

Ambrose Chiu achiu at gibraltarsolutions.com
Wed Dec 15 15:45:27 MET 1999

First of all I don't think its the snmpd that is giving you those
messages. You can get snmp values anytime even by just doing a snmpwalk
or snmpget. Those error messages don't give much insight as to what's
going on. Try checking the mail for the user you are running mrtg with
(ex: root mail is under /var/spool/mail/). Those message logs usually
give the full detail of what went wrong.

Another suggestion is to run the mrtg target manually to see if it gives
any error messages since mrtg won't store anything if an error comes up
and your graphs will be halted.

Ambrose Chiu
Linux System Analyst
Gibraltar Solutions Inc.

> Increasing the MRTG cron to 2 minutes has appeared not to work well
> for
> improving the averages. One problem is that the snmpd "ucdavis" is now
> flooding /var/log/messages with this message
> Dec 14 17:50:01 X-HOST snmpd: Connection from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
> Dec 14 17:52:01 X-HOST last message repeated 2 times
> Dec 14 17:54:01 X-HOST last message repeated 2 times
> Dec 14 17:56:01 X-HOST last message repeated 2 times
> Dec 14 17:58:01 X-HOST last message repeated 2 times
> Dec 14 18:00:01 X-HOST last message repeated 2 times
> leading me to think that UCD-snmpd will not accept snmp connections
> with
> intervals less then 5 minutes
> after looking at snmpd.conf I did not see any thing about increasing
> the
> number/interval of Connections
> Snmpd is running on redhat 6.0 install defaults!

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