[mrtg] Disk Utilization by percent

Will Rampart wrampart at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 15 21:41:46 MET 1999

	I am trying to graph the percent of disk usage on a solaris machine.  I am 
using the host resource mib to grab disk usage and size.  my problem is 
this: I need to divide the used by the max size and multiply by 100.  What 
would the syntax for this be?  I tried:

Target[disk]: hrStorUsed&hrStorSize:public at /
	      hrStorUsed&hrStorSize:public at * 100

This does not return the expected value.  I attempted to graph 
hrStorUsed&hrStorSize and let MRTG calculate percents, but once I converted 
the kb to bytes, I exceeded the maximum integer on the machine!
Because I am running MRTG remotely, I'll need to get this via snmp (rather 
than a local script or remote exec).

How are other people doing large disk (8-30+ GB) monitoring using MRTG?



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