[mrtg] [bjones at centurytel.net: 5300 OID's]

Russell P. Sutherland russ at quist.on.ca
Thu Dec 16 16:50:43 MET 1999

Brantley Jones <bjones at centurytel.net> writes:

>Does anyone know of any cisco OID's that can return information about 
>modem-connect speeds, modem success %, and/or CT1/PRI call counters??
>We're currently monitoring for port/ISDN/modem usage, but would like to 
>consider monitoring some other things as well...

I'm looking for the same type off information for:

        1. USR TC NetServer
        2. Computone Intelliserver

The FAQ says (for the USR)
        1. Get the correct MIB 
        2. Use mrtg v2.1 or later 
        3. Use a cron job to snmpwalk the USR on intervals. 
        4. Add up the results. 
        5. Write out the files. 
        6. Use a modified cfg with mrtg. 

I can do everything except part 1. Where are the MIB files for the USR
products? ftp://ftp.3com.com/pub/mibs does not seem to have them.

Does anyone have the Computone MIB?

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