[mrtg] Re: Monitoring Ping Response Times

Steve Evans sevans at richmond.k12.va.us
Fri Dec 17 22:53:06 MET 1999

At 08:56 AM 12/16/99 +1000, KELLY David (NQ) wrote:
>In th contrib directory of mrtg there is reference to a utility called ping
>probe.  This will do exactly what you want, however when running on NT you
>will need ping.exe fron Windows 98.  I am using MRTG to monitor about 50
>devices for resopnse times.  Works well.

When I look in the ping-probe directory, all I find is a README that points
to ftp://ftp.AgiX.NET/pub/networking/mrtg/mrtg-ping-probe/ which I can get
to...Is there anywhere else to get this?  Thanks!


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