[mrtg] gd problem

JKennedy at Claritas.Com JKennedy at Claritas.Com
Thu Dec 23 21:08:03 MET 1999

I'm hoping someone has the time (and patience) to help me with this.  I am
new to MRTG and in the process of setting up all the prereq's for it.  I've
got zlib and libpng installed but gd is giving me a problem.

zlib and libpng are installed in /usr/local (default) and that's where I'm
trying to put gd.  However, when I 'make install' it error's out saying it
can't open /usr/local/lib/libgd.a: no such file or directory.  Now, the
actual file libgd.a is not there, that's what the install is supposed to do
(libgd.a IS in the make directory though).  But the directory
/usr/local/lib is definitely there, that's where the other 2 libraries

I've gone over the makefile several times and the INCLUDEDIRS and LIBDIRS
settings are both /usr/local and the make install directive seems correct.
This is the default setup straight from download.

Anyone have time to walk a newbie through the process?


Jeff Kennedy
Solaris Network Administrator
Claritas/San Diego
jkennedy at claritas.com

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