[mrtg] Re: Running cfgmaker periodically

Tim Kennedy sugarat at thunderhold.sugarat.net
Sat Dec 25 00:01:58 MET 1999

I set up cfgmaker to be run out of cron every morning at 6:00 am, after
the maintenance windows are complete, so that it can check for new/deleted
or changed interfaces.   I track the interfaces now by IP address, and
haven't had any problems.   If you need to do this to keep up with your
admins changes, then you need to do it.

Caveat's?   Track by IP address, else you will find yourself starting over
everytime somebody resets an interface, or adds hardware or anything.

Cheers, and Merry Xmas.  I gotta go before I'm single again. :)
Hit me offline if you're interested in teh details of how I set it up.


On Fri, 24 Dec 1999, Kleiman Schwarzstein Sergio wrote:

> Does anyone run cfgmaker on a periodic basis (i.e.: daily)? The thing
> is, the network administrators keep changing stuff around (BW,
> descriptions...) so, intsead of tweaking the .cfg files everytime
> they make a change on the routers, I'd preffer that the cfgmaker run
> itself everyday so that the file reflects the routers' data.  Any
> caveats that you can think of?  Has anyone done something like this?
> Obviously I have to make changes on the WorkDir statement on the
> script so that it sets it up correctly.

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