[mrtg] Re: (ASCEND) Re: Multiple dial-in's not allowed

Jim Jones, Jr. jimslists at arcomcontrols.com
Tue Dec 28 18:34:28 MET 1999

OK.  Let me try to explain what I think is being said here...

I have an Ascend Max 6048 and for authentication I use TACACS.
I want to make it such that no one user can be dialed in twice at the same

All I need to change is the Ethernet-Mod Config-Shared Prof to yes.

If that is correct, than I am doing something wrong because it does not
Do I have to make a change to TACACS as well?  I will be moving to RADIUS
soon, so maybe I can wait.


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>          You shouldn't have to do anything after that...   If you do set
> the # of users in radius (I think its Max-Sessions or something), it will
> only prevent multiple users from logging into the same terminal
> server...  It won't span across multiples...  But if you want to have
> multiple users with the same user ID on the same Max, you need to set

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