[mrtg] Re: Tearing my Hair out over a Cisco 2610 series router

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Dec 30 00:39:12 MET 1999

Bruce B. Platt wrote:
> I can use mrtg just fine with the 2500 series box.  I can't get the 2600
> boxto respond to cfgmaker.

First things first.

The obvious: do you have ethernet connection to this router; are all
routes correct.

Turn on debugging on the router: "debug snmp packets" and "term monitor".
Then, using any snmp tool, query something.  I'll use

snmpget myrouter public .

(It won't be cfgmakers fault but it is better to be sure than to be sorry).

Debugging should show both incoming and outgoing packets.  It should show
something similar to: 

SNMP: Packet received via UDP from ip.ip.ip.ip on FastEthernet0/0
SNMP: Get request, reqid 1525943301, errstat 0, erridx 0
 ifEntry.10.42 = NULL
 ifEntry.16.42 = NULL
SNMP: Response, reqid 1525943301, errstat 0, erridx 0
 ifEntry.10.42 = 4054745807
 ifEntry.16.42 = 1106917301
SNMP: Packet sent via UDP to ip.ip.ip.ip

If this fails but you are seeing packets, they should be error packets.
If not, somehow the packets don't make it back to your monitoring box.

Perhaps this will help you to solve your problem.

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