[mrtg] Re: Serial Int (wrong graph)

Adrian J Bool aid at u.net.uk
Tue Jul 6 09:36:10 MEST 1999

Title[^]:               Used channels on
PageTop[^]:             <h2>Used channels on
PageTop[$]:             </h2>
Options[^]:             growright, gauge
Unscaled[^]:            dwmy
YLegend[^]:             Active Sessions
ShortLegend[^]:         users
Legend1[^]:             Current sessions
Legend2[^]:             Current calls
LegendI[^]:             &nbsp;Sessions:
LegendO[^]:             &nbsp;Calls:
WithPeak[^]:            wmy


On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Roddy

> Hi,
> 	I have asked this a million times, but to no avail :).  I am
> trying to graph our Serial Link, (inbound only) it is an 8 meg carrier but
> only 320k avalible to us.  Now the graphs on the providers end are
> correct, but on my end MRTG refuses to graph it properly, anyone got any
> ideas as to what the correct settings would, i have played around with
> bits and bytes and it hasnt worked i had it up to 10 meg at one stage ;),
> what would the correct settings be for a 320k link in KB's and or Bits?
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