[mrtg] Dumb Question about user-written scripts.

Ted Bruyere tbruyere at bombshelter.ca
Wed Jul 7 05:01:56 MEST 1999

I've been reading docs and trying to get something to work, here's my
trouble, and I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone can tell me the answers
to my questions.

One: I have seen from my journey through the contrib dir, that the
apparent output that is required from a script is either text to stdout in
the form




I can't find anywhere that tells me this explicitly, but I believe I've
seen scripts that do each. 

Question 2 is that I have written a script, it returns low/avg/high/name
to sdout (and I've also tried low/high/name) and also logs to
/usr/local/log/ dir, so I can see what happens.

Well I can run the script fine by hand, but when I give the target

Target[bombshelter.ca.cpuload]: '/usr/local/bin/perl /usr/local/bin/cpuload'


Target[bombshelter.ca.cpuload]: '/usr/local/bin/cpuload'

(the file is world-runnable and has #!/usr/local/bin/perl as the top line,
so it should run)

nevertheless, the mrtg runs, it does so without any error messages and yet
I never see the log file update. This might make sense if there was some
bizarre redirection going on, but the output from my script is never
reflected in the graphs (yes, I've deleted them and rebuilt). 

Any light anyone can shed on this problem would be greatly appreciated,
even if only to point me towards some obvious piece of docco I'm missing.


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