[mrtg] Re: cisco 5000 switch . uplink port ?

Super-User Werner.Dundler at austrocontrol.at
Wed Jul 7 15:21:07 MEST 1999

> >
> >          able to log the traffic via :    [port]:public@[ip] with mrtg.
> doing "cfgmaker community at address" and examining the output,
> Title field shows the interface type.
> with the knowledge of your catalyst5000 modules,
> you can say which is the interface you want.


thx for your mail.

i did this (cfmaker).. but then i realized that the port wich i am monitoring
a static traffic volume of 1 (!) kbyte per second.
this interface was named sc0 (= the first interface in the mib) and a dont
think that this is an ethernet interface.

i did a "show port" on the cisco and identified the port thru the port
discription. ios numbered the
port :  3/1

but when i browse the mib i only find interfaces from 0 to 64
so my question ist WICH interface numer is 3/1 ??

        can anyone help ?                     thank you


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