[mrtg] Re: Output as ASCII or CSV File instead of GIF

Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt glratt at is.rice.edu
Wed Jul 7 14:23:12 MEST 1999

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999 R.Umlauft at alcatel.de wrote:

> we have the need to feed some accounting/billing procedures with data  
> coming from SNMP (for example bytes in/out from a cisco router  
> interface) To avoid retrieving information twice and doubling SNMP  
> traffic (because we also want to have .gif´s on the web): Is there a  
> way to get Ascii-data out of MRTG?  
> Thanks

	It should be fairly straightforward to dump the contents of the
	.log files MRTG generates into a spreadsheet/database/whatever.
	The files are of a format laid out in "logfile-format.txt", in
	the doc subdirectory under MRTG 2.7.5, and are located in 
	the designated WorkDir with the .html and .gif files. If you
	don't have reasonable shell access to the MRTG host, the .log
	files should be http-accessible.


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