[mrtg] Typical New Question

Simon Thorpe simon.thorpe at breakertech.com
Wed Jul 7 16:48:23 MEST 1999

heya all

well MRTG looks to be the answer to all my dreams, i have a fairly good
understanding of networking and unix. I've installed mrtg and gd on my
freebsd router and it's been installed ok. I'm still halfway through reading
and understanding the documentation. But i'm stuck on getting to grips with
SNMP and how it's going to work.

Am i right in understanding i actually need to install an SNMP agent onto
the router ? Or does MRTG use the perl scripts to monitor my interfaces ? If
so i think i obviously need to find the fbsd snmp package and get it

Once I have the snmp data coming in i should be on my way with what looks
like a fantastic product.

I had an idea last night as well, and wonder if any of the NT people out
there would like to entertain it. I develop at work for the NT and some UNIX
environments, at home i have a UNIX based network with some nt boxes. I was
thinking how useful mrtg would be as a COM / ActiveX component. It could be
called via asp / wsh / vb, (anything really) and have access to all the
functionality that i see mrtg has.

Is anyone already thinking about this ? if not would it be worth some
discussions and what would be the thoughts of the authors?

cheers anyhow..

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> Internet Systems Engineer
>  www.breakertech.com
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