[mrtg] Re: Has anyone used a RAMdisk to speed up MRTG?

Terje Krogdahl tekr at nextel.no
Thu Jul 8 17:35:57 MEST 1999

"Jim Johnson" <jim at htch.com> writes:

> Right now I'm monitoring 25 devices.  My Pentium 166 running RH Linux 6.0
> takes 3:40 (mins:secs) for 3 different instances of MRTG (each polling a 3rd
> of my devices) to finish running.  If I run all of the targets from just one
> config (and therefore one instance of MRTG) the run time only goes up to 4
> mins.

It seems to me like something causes MRTG to have a looong wait here.
Have you checked the output from MRTG to see if there's a problem? Maybe
some targets hold MRTG up?

I used to do 365 targets (multiple instances) on a Pentium 200 (on IDE
disks, mind you!) with few problems.

Terje Krogdahl
Telenor Nextel AS

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