[mrtg] Second posting of problem..

Marc-Adrian Napoli marcadrian at cia.com.au
Fri Jul 9 04:02:40 MEST 1999

Hi there,

I'm running MRTG on a hamm debian machine.

It is monitoring a number of routers/NAS's perfectly, not a problem.

However.. i've noticed that the time is wrong. On my charts, it is showing
that the time is 5:00AM in the morning when it is actually 5:00PM in the
afternoon. (Same day 12 hours later).

However, we run radius from this machine as well and the time on that is
okay. That leads me to think that somehow mrtg is reading the time

Either that, or it has something to do with GMT and different programs
reading different times from the one machine.

Anyone have the same problem? I'm perplexed!

Marc-Adrian Napoli
Connect Infobahn Australia
+61 2 92811750

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