[mrtg] tricky one.

Marc-Adrian Napoli marcadrian at cia.com.au
Fri Jul 9 04:40:46 MEST 1999

Hi everyone,

I've successfully got MRTG to monitor the number of people on my 5300. The
string used is.. at XXX.XX.XX.XX

That works fine. However.. I have assigned two dial-up pools on this access
server. One of 110 modems and the other of 10 (for permanents).

Does anyone have a string that will allow me to monitor these two
seperately? If there isn't.. does anyone know the command for the 5300 to
see the usage on these two different pools?

Also, does anyone know the OID for a MAX (we have two, a 4000 and a 1800) to
monitor number of users online?

Thanks for all the help. :)


Marc-Adrian Napoli
Connect Infobahn Australia
+61 2 92811750

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