[mrtg] Multiple IP Configuration

Joey Officer jofficer at insidehouston.org
Fri Jul 9 22:29:39 MEST 1999

Heres a question that popped up recently in our minds.  We have a device we
are monitoring that has multiple machines.  Primarily used for our web
server.  But the device only has the one network card.  We are monitoring
the primary IP of the box.  The problem became apparent last night when we
were transfering some files, for about 2-3 hours, and at about a steady
60k/s.  But when I reviewed the graphs this afternoon, it only showed
15-16k/s transfers for about 2-3 hours.  Does having more than one IP on a
single network adapter effect the way MRTG reads the data, or is it
something more directly related to the SNMP configuration returning
incorrect values.

We are running MRTG 2.7.2, and CMU SNMPd package 3.5.

Joey Officer
Quality Publishing, Inc.
The Woodlands, Tx. 77380
281-362-7141 x106

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