[mrtg] Re: Has anyone used a RAMdisk to speed up MRTG?

Richard Letts richard-mrtg at illuin.demon.co.uk
Sat Jul 10 14:36:05 MEST 1999

at work i have some asyncronous SNMP routines I wrote on a solaris 10/40
to poll network devices (basically I shredded SNMP-session and made it use
only a single file descriptor and made the sending of requests independant
of the receiving of replies). using that I found I can poll all 65,000
possible IP addresses on the network in a couple of minutes.

with MRTG if a device is down the whole polling cycle is suspended until
the SNMP routines time out. AFAIK it's not very efficient at bundling
requests together and requestin all of the variables in one request.

Cricket (the tool I use now with rrdtool) suffers from the same problem.

if I get a round tuit after I finish at salford next friday I'll look at
making the work available.


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