[mrtg] Total passed data / traffic

Simon Thorpe simon.thorpe at breakertech.com
Mon Jul 12 10:56:08 MEST 1999


Well MRTG is proving to be a very nice tool, well done to the authors.

I have one question which seems to elude my efforts in finding an answer, is
it possible to create a climbing graph
that shows the TOTAL data that has passed across my ep0 (internet) interface

My service provider charges me based on the amount of data i've used. I want
to be able to track this and make 
modifications to the system to reduce as much unwanted traffic as possible.
My system is the following, 

A freebsd (3.1 RELEASE) router with three 3com nic interfaces (ep0,ep1,ep2)
with the UCD-SNMP daemon running.
MRTG reports on... 2:gate at localhost, 3:gate at localhost 4:gate at localhost and
also I monitor the inOctlets and outOctlets vars in the interfaces tree.
(excuse my lack of detail, I didn't bring the full var names into work :( )

You can see what i'm logging at the moment at...


this shows my internet interface (a 128k line into a radio speedbox... yip..
i get inet of microwaves :) )

but what i want is a climbing graph, showing me when I start to get close to
my 600mb limit. There must be a var in the snmpd that will simply report the
MAX data thats travelled over that interface since the computer was last
booted, and would MRTG not just graph it and therefore produce a climbing
graph ? Or am i missing the point :(


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