[mrtg] Re: Monitor Sun CPU and Memory Usage

Peter J. Kassies crash at cable.a2000.nl
Sat Jul 17 09:54:08 MEST 1999

At 02:36 PM 7/16/99 -0400, you wrote:
>> Once that was installed I looked around using a mib browser and UCD's
>> mib files to
>> figure out what OID's to use on my systems for CPU and memory usage, I
>> think the OID's might
>> change from system to system depending on configuration, so there
>> seems little point in giving you mine.

eh, do you mean differences between different SUN systems. I have ucd
running on a sparc5, sparc20, ultraS5 and Ultra20. UCD works. Make sure you
use the same OS type each time.

I don't have the OID's for the variables you requested. They are at my work.
But I'm monitoring #processes in queue and data output on the interfaces.

You cannot monitor cpu usuage. The agent hasn't been written yet.

BTW you question is a returning one. Look in the listarchive and search for
solaris and cpu.

I can help you if you need. Send an email to p.kassies at ptt-post.nl. That's
my address at work.


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