[mrtg] MRTG bug?

Gudbjorn Hreinsson gsh at skima.is
Sun Jul 18 17:59:46 MEST 1999


I had a problem with mrtg because of a strange situation. I 
have a HP-UX machine with some application that I could poll
for snmp statistics, but I also wanted to poll the OS snmp 
statistics as well. In the end I loaded the HP snmpdm on port
161 and the application snmpd (dpi) on port 261. The application
snmp agents and HP subagents 'knew' of this setup. 

Now setting up MRTG bacame tricky; no problem telling it that the
target was to be polled on port 261 but it always wanted to poll
for the system info (sysUptime and sysName) on port 261 as well.
No matter if I defined 'RouterUptime' and used the 'noinfo' option
mrtg complained that the target replied with 'noSuchName'. I could
however poll the oid's with snmpget on port 261 and the system info
on port 161.

Is this a bug in MRTG? Shouldn't the 'noinfo' option and specifying
the RouterUptime target turn this behaviour off?

In the end my application provider provided me with an agent so that
the snmpd on port 261 could respond to these MIB2 polls...

Sorry for not providing a patch, I'm not a programmer.
Thanks for an excellent product!


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