[mrtg] Newbie: HELP !!!

Genady Yakubovich genady at radmail.rad.co.il
Mon Jul 19 10:55:42 MEST 1999

Hi All.
I am totally new in MRTG.
I have installed and configured MRTG packet .
I have created local.cfg file to monitor my PC TokenRing card In/Out

Target[GENNADY]: 2:public at localhost

It works fine. Just fine.

Now the PROBLEM !!!!

I've created the new sps12.cfg file to monitor to monitor some FR device,
called SPS12. This device counts some traffic in MIB vars ifInUcastPkts and
ifOutUcastPkts .
String in SPS12.cfg looks like:
Target[]: at
ifInUcastPkts.3&ifOutUcastPkts.3:public at
I see requests and responses in sniffer BUT...BUT...BUT .log file is EMPTY.
I see only first line got some numbers, others zeroed.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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