[mrtg] ANNOUNCE: mrtg-2.8.0

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Tue Jul 20 02:53:34 MEST 1999


   MRTG-2.8.0 is on  http://ee-staff.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/pub

I have just published mrtg-2.8.0 this version has 3 major changes and a few
minor ones:

* Builtin MIB Parsing: You can now load real MIB files and use
  symbolic names in the Target names. BEWARE the list of predefined MIB
  entries has changed, only MIB-II and the FrameRelay MIBs are preloaded
  in MRTG. If you are monitoring Squid you must load the Squid MIB.
  -- Mike Mitchell <mcm at unx.sas.com>

* Locale Support: Support for Multiple Languages has been integrated into
  mrtg. At the moment only Danish and English are supported. Contributions
  are welcome. Check locales_mrtg.pm ...
  -- Morten Nielsen <msn at ipt.dtu.dk>

* PNG support: In line with the latest release of GD lib I have added PNG
  support to mrtg. The autoconf system will automatically detect if your
  version of gdlib supports Gif of Png
  -- Yozo Toda <yozo at aohakobe.ipc.chiba-u.ac.jp>
  -- Bernard Quatermass <bernard at quatermass.co.uk>
  -- Yours truely

As usual the latest release is available from 



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Changes 2.8.0
From: Tobi
 - fixed autoconf system to work with new gd version
From: Miguel Vitorino <mvitorino at automail.pt>
 - added -o filename option to indexmaker
From: Antonio Querubin <tony at lava.net>
 - fixed indexmaker to work with -m and -P option in parallel
From: Rodrigue Assard <Rodrigue.ASSARD at mat.ensmp.fr>
 - added ytics and yticsfactor options to mrtg/rateup
From: Iulian Radu <iulian_r at starnets.ro>
 - contributed mrtgmk, a mrtg.cfg file generator ... 
From: Yozo Toda <yozo at aohakobe.ipc.chiba-u.ac.jp> and
 and  Bernard Quatermass <bernard at quatermass.co.uk>
 and  Tobi
 - support for gd-1.6.1 ... Depending on the available version of libgd
   mrtg will be configured for generation png or gif images 
From: Mike Mitchell <mcm at unx.sas.com>
 - MIB Parsing for mrtg ... the mrtg.cfg file can now countain something
   like this:

    LoadMIBs:   /usr/lib/mib/cool.mib,/etc/snmp/BOX.mib

   MIB-II and FrameRelay MIB are preloaded ... For improved efficiency
   a OID cache is maintained in the WorkDir oid-mib-cache.txt

From: Morten Nielsen <msn at ipt.dtu.dk>
 - Support for different locales in mrtg added ... At the moment the only
   supported Languages are English and Danish if you want to translate
   things to your language, edit the locales_mrtg file appropriately.
   In the mrtg.cfg file you can select your language with the global
   Language: <language> option
From: Cristian Caramida <brick at bbs.ro>
 - Contributed mrtg-ipacc script for using Linux IP accounting kernel rules
   to feed mrtg

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