[mrtg] Can someone take a look at my configs

Todd Robert White twhite at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Jul 20 15:38:35 MEST 1999

I need to find a way to get averages from a cache server that won't give
that out.

the following line works:
. at 205.x.x.x
. at 205.x.x.x

however when I try to divide that I get garbage. 
. at 205.x.x.x
- .
.1.7.0&. at 205.x.x.x /
. at 205.x.x.x * 100
Any help in getting this to work would help.  Those mibs you see are for
documents fetched and documents served. I'm trying to do

This should give me a full number between 0 and 100.

		-Todd White (twhite at cc.gatech.edu)

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